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Tourism in Belarus
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The world is ruled by opinions. Everyone has their own point of view and wants to be listened to. We tell, and you come and receive. There is also a personal opinion about Belarus.

It is impossible not to agree that this country is a dark horse in the stables, which praise European tourist destinations. For the reason that the country has recently been opened to the world and opened on a large scale. Previously, it was not very easy to get a visa, but now they are quite accessible. The cost of accommodation and meals, as well as excursions and driving are very low. Thus, everyone can spend a few days off on a trip to Minsk, Belarus. And for this, it is not necessary to save all year to realize the dream of waking up, buying a ticket and go to an amazing country. No country needs as little time as Belarus to go on a trip. If you don’t have a car guide and know English badly, or don’t know it at all, then do not be upset - we are ready to provide you with all the information about the country of Belarus. And you can easily go traveling around Belarus.

The first thing we want to boldly state is that Belarusians are very hospitable, friendly, and a lot of young people and adults speak English fluently. Especially when it comes to big cities and tourist sites. You have the opportunity to learn about the most visited places in the country on our website Justarrived.by. Here you will find information on such topics as: 10 best places to visit in Belarus, summer places to visit and winter periods, weekends in the summer in the country outside the city and much more.

Agree, it is a very big privilege that we tell you in detail where to go and what to do when you go on Minsk travel. You are not touched by situations such as finding yourself in a crowd with cameras to take a few pictures, or stand in a queue for a better place in the buffet. No, you will not find such in Belarus.

There is an amazing mixture of cozy houses and a meditative nature, cultural youth and stately old people in the country. The smell of the forest will bring unforgettable pleasure, and the stories of the past will be absorbed with great interest.

Our website will also provide many practical recommendations regarding the strength of Belarus. We will tell you in detail about medical tourism, local cuisines, hunting and fishing classes, international and local festivals and sports. About such events as: healthy lifestyle, clubs, bars, museums, zoos and museums under the open sky, fortresses and castles. Also about such historical places as memories of the Second World War. We will also add a lot of information about water parks, places for diving and spearfishing.

The thing is that a country like Belarus has something to offer to lovers of traveling. And we want to share with you about this, because we have our own opinion.

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